Theodora Goss and Voice

Theodora Goss was the guest lecturer today.  She was kind, insightful and generous with her time.  We learned about creating dense sentences and finding our own voice(s) as a writer.  One of the exercises totally stumped me this morning.  Dora had us describe our writing voice in a few words.  For the life of me, I could not think of anything besides “long-ish”.  Yes.  I was extremely articulate.

Dinner tonight with everyone.  Always a fun occasion.  Most of us can’t believe that it’s already the end of the third week.  Nooooooooooo!!!  We don’t want to leave!!!!!!!!

But seriously, life is going to be just a tad dull after Odyssey.  Everyday here, I have been experiencing tremendous growth as a writer.  There were a few days where I had my “hallelujah” moment.  The heavens opened and knowledge poured forth.  One of those days was definitely this past Tuesday when Jeanne lectured on Plot.  OMG.  Mind. Blown.

Barnes and Noble Slam is tomorrow.  It’s going to be wicked fun.

And finally, some things just make you wonder–like why did they ever feel the need for the particular warning below?