End of Odyssey

…otherwise known as getting kicked out of the nest.


For six weeks, we all had our nose to the grind, writing, critiquing and learning with intense concentration.  We also bonded with each other.  Suddenly, I’m back home again and it all feels so very weird.  I spoke to Fairy today and he agrees that it feels odd to not be at the dorms doing critiques.

What an amazing journey it has been.  I’ve spent most of the time since leaving Odyssey yesterday either fighting back tears or wondering if it has all been real.  Was I really at Saint Anselm College with a group of crazy brilliant (emphasis on crazy) people?  Did I really learn a mind blowing amount of information about writing and the publishing industry? Did we really take down 22 pages worth of random quotes?  Is “Spock you” really the new best curse?

The best way to sum up the last week is probably through pictures.  So here goes…

Brainstorming story ideas with the gals upstairs. Evil Ann is threatening retribution for my incessant snapshots.

Wrapping our feet with Burt's Bees Lotion and blue saran wrap has become a ritual.

We painted our nails black to mourn the last week of Odyssey. Even Jeanne got her nails painted!

Pancake breakfast with everyone on the Saturday before the 6th week.

Here is the talented pancake chef! Thank you! It was delicious!

Last Meal at our favorite Indian place.

Did I say something to provoke them?

We stayed up until the wee hours singing and drinking. Then we went for a long walk.

We had some great times. Miss ya’ll!

One thought on “End of Odyssey

  1. I believe I got to meet you at the end of all that at the Odyssey/TNEO mixer! I have to say that I totally understand the “did that just happen?” feeling. But when I came back to TNEO the next year, it felt like absolutely no time had passed. That I’d just gone home to feed the cats and pick up fresh underwear before coming right back!

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