End of Week Five

Odyssey has gone by incredibly fast.  I haven’t had a breakdown or a meltdown.  I’m saving it all for the last day when I leave.  I’m planning on torrents of tears, globs of snot, bloodshot eyes, red face…the whole works.

Gary Braunbeck has been with us the entire week–and what a wonderful inspiration he has been.  He brought fresh perspective on creating original fiction.  It was touching to watch how generously he gave of himself by staying up late nights to join our plotting sessions and preparing his insightful critiques.  Thank you Gary!

I haven’t updated my blog for days because I’ve been working feverishly to finish a story that was critiqued this morning.  It was a story about a North Korean telepath that still needs a lot of work. However, Gary said that it was the most horrifying story he has read this week.  I horrified the horror writer.  Awesome! (I’m sticking with the assumption that the story horrified him and not my grammar.)

Recap of the last few days:

I beat Fairy in a writing contest last week.  In an hour he wrote 1100 words and I wrote 1900.  Nat got 300.  Fairy owed me a cookie but ended up getting me a whole box instead! Whooo Whooo.

Nat and I spent most of this week confined in our room and writing til the wee hours of morning.  We had two days where we had a total of about 4 hours of sleep. We managed by drinking Monsters and Pepsis and laughing uproariously over the littlest things.  She’s the best roomie ever!

Today was our last BBQ. (so sad!)

I’m going to miss these crazies!
Finally a shout out to some fellow Odyssians who are starting us on the right path. One gal has signed her first 2 book deal.  Another guy just received a request from THE Donald Maas for the first fifty pages of his novel.  One guy has had several short stories released while he was here, and yet another has just sold a short story.  I am looking forward to putting their names up as soon as I have their permission.
Great Job, Guys and Gal!
Plans for tonight–
A plot party where we drink happy juice and brainstorm plots for our stories.
A walk to work off the two hotdogs I scarfed down during the BBQ.
A reading by the Fairy himself.
Start writing my next story which will be critiqued in class next week with John Joseph Adams.

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