Random Bits and Pictures

Natalie and I stayed up til the wee hours last night so I was planning to sleep in this morning.

Not a chance.

At 7:30am, Natalie was up.  I saw Natalie up and working, assumed it was later in the morning, so I got up too…only to realize that it was only 7:30.  BOO.

Then, I spent most of today researching for a new story.  North Korea stuff.  It made me sick mentally and emotionally. UGH.

Dinner at a fantastic Indian place.  Alex’s birthday is on Monday so we had a little get together this evening.  Her mom sent a buttercream chocolate truffle cake.  YUM.

Went to the Reading Room with Natalie to work in the airconditioned room.  She decided we needed swords to protect ourselves from Peeko, the psychotic 17th Odyssey student who just showed up last week.

Here we are, walking down the street with our swords.


Just to show how serious we are about our weapons…Here are the loaded water pistols at the dorms awaiting innocent victims.

BBQ yesterday was fun.  We played the 3X plot structure game in which I sold out my roommate, took a prize and retired early.  It was a cowardly thing to do, but I still don’t quite get 3X yet.  It was a desperate dodge.


Finally, some pictures from our walk last night.  We’ve made a ritual of going out near the graveyards to watch the fireflies.  They flicker in the bushes and treetops near the graveyard.  It is so incredibly beautiful.




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