Writing Plan, Chinese, and Self Love

I’ve decided today that my writing process needs to change…dramatically.  After another all-nighter and turning in a story that is missing the third act, I’ve decided to register myself on Fail.com.  Only after a lot of sniveling have I decided to change my writing process.  I’ve started to outline most recently, thanks to Jeanne who has provided many different techniques for outlining.

The unfortunate thing is I have been outlining novels and then cramming them into a short story.  The other unfortunate thing is I don’t have a consistent goal for word count every day.  I plan on taking a leaf from my Odyssey mate Christopher Owen and write a consistent 1000 words a day.  I think a more consistent daily word count will help me link the brain waves to the finger muscles in a more efficient manner.

Chinese food today with DeskFairy and Nat.  North Garden again.  It was Dee-licious.  I think raucous laughter and multiple quotes is the norm for any gathering at Odyssey, even for small informal dinners.

After dinner, Natalie pulled out a fortune cookie with the following message:  The first and foremost love is self love. Considering the addition of “in bed” that we have been adding to every fortune and some of the conversations we’ve had so far, it was an utterly hilarious fortune.

While we were walking home…

Desk Fairy:  I’m trying to divert hate away from me.

Me:  Don’t worry. We women can multitask so we can hate more than one person at a time.

And here is Natalie–proving that women do indeed multitask.



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