The Annual Odyssey Barnes and Noble Slam

Absolutely amazing day today!  First we had the Barnes and Noble Slam.  Everyone prepared a bio and short short or flash fiction story to read aloud at Barnes and Noble in Nashua.  Some of us were nervous, others were great in the spotlight, but everyone–absolutely everyone–had a brilliant story to share.  The voices and stories ranged from humor to horror; the writing style from sparse to lyrical.  My brave roommate read her entire story in character with her clothing, bio and “hick” accent.  It was a real treat to listen to my Odyssey mates read their stories in their own voice.

After the slam, some of us met at Ollie’s for dinner.  Like every gathering, the conversations are enlightening, disturbing and hilarious.  Who knew writers are so entertaining?

Dora Goss shared a quote yesterday that I think is absolutely applicable to all of us:

“Writers write down the dialogues that happens in their head while other people pay therapists to help them get rid of the voices.”

I guess that explains it all.


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